Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dylan Everett

February 3, 1995...
        9 lb  7 oz
        head circumference measured off the charts
        scared young girl
        scared young boy
February 3, 2012...
       166 lbs
       6' 1
       body has caught up with head!!
       proud Mama and Papa

 Dylan has grown into such an amazing young man. He has always put others 
first...such a gentleman. Ethan and Grace would nominate him for "best big brother...ever"!!! He is driving, working, finishing up his sophomore year
in high school. He plans on becoming a dentist (let's not talk about the cost of this goal!!) but he is determined and that makes
us HaPpY!!!

 We love you Dylan Everett and hope you enjoyed your Birthday!!! We look forward to college visits, more basketball games, graduation, and so much more!!!

     Kuddos on scoring 28 points Friday!!!


  1. Oh MY!! Your baby boy is growing up so fast. What a great job you've done!

  2. I am so proud of you and all of your family. I am at a loss of words to say more. I am just smiling and happy to read your blog.

  3. Please keep posting more. I want to learn more about my wonderful cousin.